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FORTRAN - SUBST help and error

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    I am new to FORTRAN and trying to debug/compile some code passed on to me.
    2 questions:

    - What purpose does SUBST or DSUBST serve?
    - When I run my Makefile I keep getting the following error:
    'PGF90-S-0026-Unmatched quote'
    According to the PG manual this translates to 'Integer constant is too large for 32 bit word'
    I have tried a bunch of different things but the issue is still unresolved. Any insight on this?

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    Since no one has replied, I'll take a shot. I don't believe that SUBST and DSUBST have anything to do with Fortran. Instead, it appears that they are preprocessor or makefile macros that are used when you build (i.e., compile and link) your application.

    For the error message you show, I would look at the make files to see if there is a missing quote somewhere.

    Hope this helps...
  4. Oct 3, 2012 #3

    Thanks for your help. We were able to fix the problem. It was a capitalization inconsistency that was leading to all these different errors.
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