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Fortran90 How to take the power of elements of an array to, say, 5?

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    Hi all,
    as title, how to take the power of elements of an array to, say, 5?
    I know how to do it using loops, but would it be very troublesome if I have to do it a thousand times?
    Any ready made function in fortran90?
    I hope there is...
    I have googled it quite a bit, but seems nothing useful.
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    I'm not very knowledgeable about what's in or not in Fortran90 libraries, but it's no more troublesome to do it in a loop that runs a thousand times than in one that runs five times. A computer CPU will happily do all these computations in a small fraction of a second. The code to do this would be very simple.
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    If v is an array, you can write v=v**5

    The power operation will be applied element-wise to the array.

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