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Fortran (; formerly FORTRAN, derived from Formula Translation) is a general-purpose, compiled imperative programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing.
Originally developed by IBM in the 1950s for scientific and engineering applications, FORTRAN came to subsequently dominate scientific computing. It has been in use for over six decades in computationally intensive areas such as numerical weather prediction, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, geophysics, computational physics, crystallography and computational chemistry. It is a popular language for high-performance computing and is used for programs that benchmark and rank the world's fastest supercomputers.Fortran has had multiple versions, each adding extensions while largely retaining compatibility with prior versions. Successive versions have added support for structured programming
and processing of character-based data (FORTRAN 77), array programming, modular programming and generic programming (Fortran 90), high performance Fortran (Fortran 95), object-oriented programming (Fortran 2003), concurrent programming (Fortran 2008), and native parallel computing capabilities (Coarray Fortran 2008/2018).
Fortran's design was the basis for many other programming languages. Among the better-known is BASIC, which is based on FORTRAN II with a number of syntax cleanups, notably better logical structures, and other changes to work more easily in an interactive environment.As of June 2021, Fortran was ranked 17th in the TIOBE index, a measure of the popularity of programming languages, climbing 17 positions from its ranking of 34th in January 2020.

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  1. P

    Comp Sci Can‘t call a subroutine name in a subroutine in Fortran90

    Here is the code for example: PROGRAM main CALL B() CALL CaoB(B) contains subroutine B() IMPLICIT NONE write (*,*) 'fk' end subroutine B subroutine CaoB(fcn) implicit none INTERFACE SUBROUTINE fcn() IMPLICIT NONE END SUBROUTINE fcn END INTERFACE write...
  2. K

    I'm getting garbage values while reading matrices from a file

    Hi All, While trying to read a matrix from data file using fortran90 code ,I get garbage values and a backtrace error. Error termination. Backtrace: #0 0x7f4a4de3631a #1 0x7f4a4de36ec5 #2 0x7f4a4de3768d #3 0x7f4a4dfa4d42 #4 0x7f4a4dfa6ad5 #5 0x7f4a4dfa80f9 #6 0x56040bbeae57 #7...
  3. K

    Fortran Runtime error while reading file in fortran90

    I'm new to fortran coding and trying to read a file called "data.dat" with data like a triangular matrix 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 using the code PROGRAM matrix IMPLICIT NONE REAL, DIMENSION(5,5) :: a INTEGER :: row,col,max_rows,max_cols max_rows=5...
  4. K

    Fortran How do I find an exact line from a large file in fortran90

    I'm new to prorgramming . I have been working with Fortran90 for my physics project and I have to read data from a file. I need to find a specific matrix and then print the said matrix onto a different file and diagonalize it. How do I read the matrix that follows a specific line from a file ...
  5. davidfur

    Fortran Interface between a Fortran77 program and a Fortran90 program

    Hi all, I'm new to Fortran programming, so I might probably ask some really trivial questions - please forgive me. I have two source codes of big programs. One is coded in Fortran77 and the other one in Fortran90. Now, I need to build an interface so that the Fortran90 program can call some...
  6. G

    Fortran Best 3D Animation Software for Numerical Simulation Data

    hello everyone, I`m trying to make 3d animation from numerical simulation data. Can someone recommend good software for me Thanks in advance
  7. Y

    Fortran How to use Real Array Index in Matrix dimension?

    I am developing a FORTRAN code (.f90) which "ll calculate some matrix in some time interval (dt1=0.001) and these matrices have to be integrated in some time steps (dt=0.1). Though I am experience in FORTRAN 77, new to FORTRAN 90. I am unable to make dimension of matrix real (I think that is the...
  8. A

    New member and enthusiast to share my experience and learn

    hello all i am a new member on Physics Forum i am a last year master student in fundamental physics ( again ) and also have done a master in condense mater and nano-science i worked on noble solid /amorphous interface in my first master internship ( DFT and ab initio molecular dynamic using...
  9. shyvir3108

    Comp Sci Read specific lines from a file using fortran90

    Homework Statement I want to read only specific lines from a file using fortran code. Homework Equations Fortran code The Attempt at a Solution I have a dummy.txt file wrote 7 5 6 4 5 6 9 10 14 19 I want read only values between lines 5 to lines10. But when I use print statement, the value...
  10. Y

    FORTRAN 90 How to plot the Poincaré section?

    Hi all, I'm writing a fortran 90 program to simulate the Duffing oscillator. I have it working and have produced a cos wave which I expected for D (the driving force) being set to 0. Here's the code: program rungekutta implicit none integer, parameter :: dp = selected_real_kind(15,300)...
  11. G

    Fortran Simulating Contact Force in a Moving Dashpot System Using FORTRAN

    Hi there I am really new into programiing thing, and I am trying to make program of this problem usin FORTRAN I want the output to be Time,poisiton,velocity and contact force and i already know = amplitude U = velocity of the car d = rail distance and so far this is my program...
  12. Y

    Fortran Program that reads data from a file and calculates the mean?

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to write a program that reads data from 2 files and then calculates the mean, standard deviation and standard error of both files (separate values for each). I'm struggling to get my head around simple I/O, so excuse the poor attempt, but this is what I have so far: (I'm...
  13. Arez

    Fortran Reading data from a table file

    Hello I am very new to programming and fortran. I have a text file formatted the following way: Name Peter John Sally Joseph Luke Vader etc... age XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX height XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX weigh...
  14. J

    Fortran Problems when averaging a value

    Hi, I am running a fortran 90 program and I have some problems when getting an average. It happens that at some point the value of suma2 is not updated, even when the value of the term s(fixed2(j))/real(nfixed) is not zero. Below is the output of fort.32. The problem dissapears when suma2 is...
  15. I

    MATLAB Transforming part of matlab code to Fortran90

    Here are my Fortran codes: program test implicitnone integer*4 nxProjPad, cf, numViews, cc, index, indRad, iv, i, INDEX1, d, n real*4 v4, v5, RSS, S1, F1, gMDL real*4, dimension(:), allocatable :: array, sum, cumsum, transpose, log, SS1, SSs nxProjPad=185 numViews=180...
  16. H

    Comp Sci Fortran90 SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault

    Hi, I have a project for a class in numerics, where I have to write a program with FORTRAN 90 that calculates the determinant of a matrix using Laplace. The program itself works now, but I have added a function that finds the row/column with most zeroes and reorganizes the matrix, so that they...
  17. abdulsulo

    Fortran How to Handle Floating Point Errors in Fortran90 Real Number Calculations

    Hello guys I am trying to write a code which is below; But my results seems to be fairly wrong. I noticed some of my real numbers are not what I assigned them. For example Ks shows on the watch window as 9.9999999E-5. How can I fix such situation? program hw1 REAL:: G,DVIS,Ks...
  18. gabforse

    Fortran Why Does My Fortran Code Give an Unclassifiable Statement Error?

    Hey so I'm getting the error message: Euler_Method.f90:43.1: fun=(c)(1-c)/(d+2) 1 Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1) And here is my code: PROGRAM Euler_Method !------------------------------------------------------------------- ! The purpose of this program is to read in endpoints...
  19. G

    Fortran Solving Function Problem in Code Exchange

    Hello I am trying to exchange following code into two functions which I will need to use in further programs. The code is as follows: do i=0,k do j=0,k if (i/=j) then lj(i)=lj(i)*((xx-x(i))/(x(j)-x(i))) end if enddo l(i)=l(i)+y(i)*lj(i) write(2,*) x(i),y(i),l(i) enddo I would...
  20. G

    Fortran [Fortran] How to loss different random number

    Hello I am wondering how can I make sure that every number which I am losing will be different? I am using the following code: program lottery implicit none real(kind=4) :: x real(kind=8) :: y integer :: i, seed= 64256 call srand(seed) do i=1,6 x=rand() ! to make the lossing interval...
  21. G

    Fortran [Fortran] Filon's method Fourier Transform

    I was told to do a Fourier transform of function by using a Filon's method. I have found the code but I don't know how to include any function to the subroutine. I would be grateful for any example of how to use this code. SUBROUTINE FILONC ( DT, DOM, NMAX, C, CHAT ) C...
  22. G

    Fortran Bisection formula fortran90/95

    Hello, I was told to find the root of an integrand with using the bisection method. I am kind of new to such a stuff so I am kind of confused why I am not getting the expected result. Here is my bisection code: tl=3.0 tup=4.0 tempred=0.0 s=-0.234726128709272990292 do while (abs(total_calka)...
  23. Md. Abde Mannaf

    Fortran Fortran 90 Program Factorial: Fixing Incorrect Output

    program factorial implicit none integer::fact,i,n print*,'enter the value of n' read*,n fact=1 do i=1,n fact=fact*i end do print*,'factorial is ',fact end program when input n largest number then answer is incorrect. how to solve
  24. Md. Abde Mannaf

    Fortran Combination is not working correctly -- fortran 90

    !subprogram for combination !Author:: mannaf function fact(n) implicit none integer ::fact,n,i fact=1 do i=1,n fact=fact*i end do return end program comb implicit none integer ::fact,n,r,combination print*,'enter the value of nCr' read*,n,r...
  25. L

    Fortran Can complex numbers be used in Fortran array constructors?

    Hi, so I need to write a fortran code with 2, 2x2 matrices. These matrices are in the form of B=(1 exp(i)(theta) 0 0) and D=(0 0 exp(i)(theta) 1) where i is sqrt of -1 and theta is an angle between 0 and 2pi. I've expanded the exponential so it reads cos(theta)+isin(theta) and let theta=pi/2...
  26. B

    Comp Sci Output format of a matrix in Fortran 90

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm also new in programming. I never did it before and now I have a problem with one of the programs in fortran 90 and I can't figure out how to solve it. Maybe some of you can help me. Many thanks in advance. 1. Homework Statement I need to plot the results of a...
  27. SalfordPhysics

    Comp Sci Fortran90: DO loop for sequence of numbers

    Homework Statement A program finds the area under the Gaussian Distribution Curve between ±σ using Simpsons Rule. Modify the program to investigate the effect of the number of strips. Do this by using a DO loop in the main program for the following sequence of number of strips (n); n-2, n-4...
  28. I

    Fortran Fortran90 issue: nonzero out of bounds array elements

    Hi to all. I am programing a new code for some calculation and i have detected a strange issue. I have my all arrays strictly defined for example real, dimension(-2:2,-3:2) A, B complex, dimension(-2:2,1:2) C In my time dependend calculations i expect the matrix element C(-2,1) to...
  29. 2

    Comp Sci [fortran90] cartesian to polar coordinate

    Write a short FORTRAN90 subroutine to convert Cartesian coordinates (x, y, z) to spherical polar coordinates (r, q, f) using • Write a FORTRAN90 program which uses this subroutine to convert the following (x, y, z) coordinates which are read from a text file and stored within a single vector...
  30. S

    Fortran [fortran90] arrange value in row into column

    I have a data file, let's say test.dat which is contain [1 2 3 4 5 6 7...3000]. the question is how can I re-arrange this data from a row into a column so that I will have a set of data like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . . . 3000 in fortran90 or MATLAB also will be okay. thank you
  31. S

    Fortran [Fortran90] how to write increment in dimension

    hi all, i am new with fortran 90. i have here codes for 2d fdtd polar coordinates. but i have problem handling with increment in dimension in real number (as higlighted below). I have googled how to write the increment in do loops, but do loops only applicable for integer. can anyone help me...
  32. S

    Fortran [Fortran90] fdtd in polar coordinates, got infinity output

    hi all, attached here is my code for 2d fdtd in polar coordinates, from 'numerical electromagnetic: the fdtd method (umran s inan, pg 94-96) written in fortran90. I have try a few approach I could think about to troubleshoot this code but the output is still infinity. Anybody here can give me...
  33. S

    Fortran [fortran90] having problem to call back the value from previous loop

    hi all, I wrote programming code for fdtd 2d tfsf in fortran 90 as below: !simulation for tmz mode incident plane in 2d subroutine tfsf2d implicit none double precision :: f0,miu,eps,delta,S,c,lambda,E0,N0 double precision :: deltat integer...
  34. Saxby

    Fortran Fortran90 problem, runtime error

    Hello, I've been playing around with some code (as shown below) and for some reason everytime i run this code I am told: At line 11 of file tester.f90 Fortran runtime error: End of file I'm not really sure what's causing it, is it the position of my Open file? Any help would be much...
  35. S

    Fortran [fortran90] have problem in real array index

    hi all...i have problem in understanding in array index. my codes are as below subroutine tmz2d implicit none double precision :: phi double precision :: cosphi,sinphi double precision :: d,dp,dpp,d1,d2 integer...
  36. J

    Fortran Newton Raphson Method on Fortran90

    Here's what I need to do: "Compare the effectiveness of the bisection method and Newton’s method for the equation x^3−2x−2 = 0 which has a single root between x=−4 and x = 2."So far I've done ok. this is working but of course I need to do iteration which I don't know how. Can someone teach me...
  37. G

    Fortran How can I change the starting index of an array in Fortran?

    I'm try to read some files in subdirectories and create some other files in my present location: program multiread ! implicit none !variables integer :: n, k, i integer :: j, m2 real(8) :: pratio, crap, rmsttv character(len=42) :: filein(98) character(len=10) :: fileout(14)...
  38. S

    Fortran [Fortran90] how to write several output into one file

    hi all, Currently I am doing 2d fdtd (TMz mode) modeling. I expect to have output for Ez, Hx and Hy in one file, which is mean that the output will be in 3 column. But I don't have any idea how format it. Anyone can help me? Below is the code !problem 3.9, Taflove chapter 3 !to model 2d...
  39. I

    Fortran Fortran90: present() function doesn't work in subroutines

    I am using Gfortran 4.4.3 on Ubuntu 10.04 operating system. Can someone explain why the following code works correctly (a):- program testpresent real :: a,b,c call test_present(a,b,c) contains subroutine test_present(x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6) real, intent(inout)...
  40. A

    Fortran Fortran90: Subroutine DSYEV and associating eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

    Greetings. I am using the LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package) software package to find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a large symmetrical real matrix. Specifically, I calculate a scalar from each eigenvector, and I want to graph it against its associated eigenvalue. I am using the subroutine...
  41. V

    Fortran Need help for error in Fortran90

    Hi everyone, I'm a student and I'm new in this language but I have to run a fortran90 code for my advisor. However, there is some error as provide below (I got the completed code to run for the results, which means that it doesn't suppose to have any error - but it's quite old. I run it on...
  42. T

    Comp Sci Fortran90: read file with variable name ( character)

    Hi there, I am trying to make a Fortran90 program that open files with this pattern: 1a041.dat wp2d2.dat qad33.dat mntf4.dat erh55.dat ...etc. so the first four digits I want to consider them as a variable character, then it comes an integer value that increases by one for every...
  43. Simfish

    Fortran How does the Fortran90 function floor not have a main type?

    I'm running Fortran 90 with the ifort compiler. As far as I can tell, floor is a function introduced in Fortran 90
  44. N

    Fortran Help with Fortran90: Reading a File

    Hi All I have a problem in the work with Fortran90. I have a file that don't have any idea for read it. It consiste of number and character.For example it includes as below 1 15193r 8 9r 4 6 74r,... I want to write these numbers in 2 columns. For example 1 15193 8 9 4 0 6 74 terms...
  45. R

    Fortran Fortran90 reading in a formatted input file

    Hi All, Let me preface by saying this is my first post, but I'm very glad to have found and joined what looks like a great community here. Also I have no Fortran experience, so please bear with my greenness: I'm trying to resurrect and use a code written by another engineer in our...
  46. R

    Comp Sci Permutation multiplication (Fortran90)

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a program which allows the user to input two permutations of sizes <10 and then multiply two of these together. I need some help on how to get two permutations to multiply each other in Fortran. A snippet of what I've written so far.. Module Permutations Implicit...
  47. T

    Fortran Fortran90: Reading Mixed-Type Input File

    Hi everyone, I am kind of new in fortran90 and I am struggling with writing this basic programme: I have an input file with a fixed format . It looks like this: c 23.345 45.342 34.345 c 12.345 56.235 67.234 c 45.567 44.345 78.345 c 56.567 78.563 97.342 where the first column...
  48. S

    Fortran90 How to take the power of elements of an array to, say, 5?

    Hi all, as title, how to take the power of elements of an array to, say, 5? I know how to do it using loops, but would it be very troublesome if I have to do it a thousand times? Any ready made function in fortran90? I hope there is... I have googled it quite a bit, but seems nothing useful.
  49. S

    Fortran Improving Performance with MPI in Fortran90

    I'm just starting to use MPI in Fortran90 and have some questions on improving performance. At the start of a calculation, I run a stage to distribute all required data to the slave nodes. This is a one-off step, but seems to be taking a long time. The code running on the master node...
  50. A

    Fortran How Can Fortran 90 Ensure External Executable Completion Before Proceeding?

    Hello! I’m programming in Fortran 90 using Force, version 3.0.0. beta2 compiler. The program calls an executable external file with the instruction call system (‘name of file’). This executable file calculates the estimation variance of a set of data and automatically generates an output txt...