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Fourier coefficients in string theory

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    If a function f'(u) has fourier coefficients anμ and bnμ, by integration one can make new coefficients Anμ ,Bnμ which include constants of integration.
    My question how can I verify that :

    Anμcos nτ + Bnμ sin nτ= -i/2 ((Bnμ) -Anμi) einτ- (Bnμ-iAnμ) e-inτ

    I assume this is the complex form of fourier series, but anyway

    thanks for any clarifications.
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    The relationship is purely mathematical.
    [itex]e^{ix}=cos(x)+isin(x)[/itex]. Substitute in the right side and you get the left side.
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    Thanks mathman.
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