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Fourier tr. of dirac delta in minkowski space

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    Hey everyone, a quick question: what is the fourier space representation of the dirac delta function in minkowski space? It should be some integral over e^{ikx} (with some normalization with 2*pi's). I'm curious if the "kx" is a dot product in the minkowski or euclidean sense, and how one reasons this.

    Any thoughts? =)
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    Well, of course

    [tex] \delta^{4}\left(x-x'\right) =\frac{1}{\left(2\pi\right)^4}\int_{M_{4}} d^{4}k \ e^{ik^{\mu}\left(x-x'\right)_{\mu} [/tex]

    where the metric on [itex] M_{4} [/itex] is (conventionally) diag(+,-,-,-).

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