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Homework Help: Fraction Simplification of Impedances and Resistances

  1. Oct 12, 2009 #1
    My algebra is really rusty, anyway I'm trying to simplify a Transfer Function so I have

    H(jw)=ZL/R+ZL so ZL is the impedance of an inductor and R is the impedance of the Resistor, my question is how would I go about simplifying that transfer function into it's simplest form?


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    Well you could do ZL/R+ZL = ZL(1/R + 1) if that is a help.
    But there is something odd about ZL/R+ZL. The first term has no units while the second has units of ohms.

    I don't know what a "transfer function" is so I'm not much help!
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    Let me throw another one out there to hopefully make it easier to understand (don't worry about the transfer function)

    so 2.2e3/2.2e3+i2pi10e-3

    How would that be simplified or in simpler terms


    How would you simplify that

    The problem above would be i*2pi*f*L/R+i*2pi*f*L

    f is the frequency and 2pi*f would give us the reactance of the Inductor so i'm trying to figure out how to simplify everything.
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