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'Frame' symmetry breaking - when did it happen?

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    In any place of our universe we can define a 'preferred' or 'rest' frame based on the observation of the Cosmic Microwave Background. Of course, in different places of our universe these frames are different, but the idea is the same.

    If instead of the CMB we define this frame based on the an isotropy of any forms of matter in that frame we can go backwards in time to the time before CMB.

    If we take the 'void' universe, before the inflation, then there no 'preferred' frames can be defined because vacuum is the same nomatter how you move thru it. SO it was some kind of a symmetry breaking - before all frames we equal, then they are still mathematically equivalent (based on the SR/GR) but in some of them evenrything is isotropic while in the others it is not.

    So my question - it is correct that this 'symmetry breaking' happened right after the era of inflation?
    Why it is not usually called 'symmetry breaking'? May be it is something well known and I just dont know right words to search in arxiv?
    Now the most difficult question: why in different places of our universe that symmetry breaking was consistent? (Ihope it is clear what I mean by that). Note that it happened after the inflation so the usual explanations based on the effects of the inflation can not be used.

    Thank you
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    The symmetry breaking would have been at the onset of inflation, not after.
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    why? during the era of inflation space is void as far as I know. Hence there are no preferred frames.
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    The preferred frame stems from the field that drives inflation: it's the frame where the field takes on a constant value at all locations.
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    Thank you, it explains what puzzled me for so long!
    So it happened BEFORE the inflation, hence, at the Planks era, hence, we dont know a lot about it :)
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    Well, maybe before, or maybe right at the onset of inflation. But either way, we don't even know that much about inflation yet, let alone what started it off. So right, we don't know much about the symmetry breaking that led to a preferred rest frame of the universe.
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