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  1. joneall

    I Gauge theory symmetry breaking in L&B

    I’m reading Lancaster & Blundell, Quantum field theory for the gifted amateur (even tho I”m only an amateur...) and have a problem with their explanation of symmetry breaking from page 242. They start with this Lagrangian: ## \mathcal{L} = (\partial_{\mu} \psi^{\dagger} - iq...
  2. S

    A What would it mean if symmetries in physics would not be fundamental?

    Physicist Joseph Polchinski wrote an article ( where he considered the possibility that all symmetries in nature may not be fundamental. He says at page 36: "From more theoretical points of view, string theory appears to allow no exact global symmetries, and...
  3. S

    A High energy symmetry breaking and laws of physics?

    In some models of the beginning of the universe, like for example in chaotic inflation, space would stop expanding in some points, creating hubble volumes that could experience different spontaneous symmetry breaking, which would result in different properties, such as different physical...
  4. HaoBoJiang

    A There is a problem about the translation symmetry in the LT

    As we all know, for the reference frame S' and S of relative motion, according to Lorentz transformation, we can get As we all know, for the reference frame S' and S of relative motion, according to Lorentz transformation, we can get As we all know, for the reference frame S' and S of relative...
  5. fluidistic

    I Why is it said that magnetism breaks time reversal symmetry?

    It is known that Maxwell equations have the time reversal symmetry. I.e. by changing t by -t, J by -J (which can be understood as the charges going in the opposite direction when time is reversed, which makes sense), E to E and B to -B, the equations are still satisfied. However, it is also...
  6. G

    A Charged particles mass before symmetry breaking

    How could electrically charged particles be massless before the symmetry breaking? Wouldn't the energy stored in the electric field contribute to particles mass?
  7. C

    B What was matter like during the GUT and Electroweak Epochs?

    Hi all, I was reading about the history of the early universe today, and there were some things that I did not understand. In particular, I do not understand the concept of "spontaneous symmetry breaking." After reading the Mexican Hat analogy many times, here is my best understanding of it...
  8. J

    A Breaking of a local symmetry is impossible, so what about global symmetry...

    Breaking of a local symmetry is impossible. It is often said that therefore the role of the Higgs mechanism in the standard model is a different one. Namely, Once a gauge is fixed, however, to remove the redundant degrees of freedom, the remaining (discrete!) global symmetry may undergo...
  9. S

    A Symmetry/Conservation Violated in Quantum Anomaly

    String theorists have apparently applied String Theory to expose a Quantum Anomaly in a physical analog system: electrons flowing in a Niobium Phosphide crystal. The electrons were found to violate symmetry in relation to Spin...
  10. Ranku

    I Electroweak symmetry breaking and quantum tunneling.

    Does electroweak symmetry breaking involve quantum tunneling?
  11. Ranku

    I Quantum tunneling in symmetry breaking

    Does electroweak symmetry breaking involve quantum tunneling, just like GUT symmetry breaking?
  12. A

    B Does SSB, contradict symmetry?

    Hello, I was thinking about, how symmetry can be realized, when there is SSB occuring! Dont these terms contradict?
  13. Garlic

    Gauge symmetry breaking

    Can there be interactions that are symmetric under low temperatures but exhibit spontaneous symmetry breaking under extremely low temperatures? (Maybe that symmetry breaking temperature is so low that it couldn't be discovered in experiments) Does electromagnetism split into electricity and...
  14. A

    SU(N) symmetry breaking by non-trivial parity.

    I would like to prove the following: Suppose we have the diagonal matrix ##P = diag(1,\ldots,1, -1,\ldots, 1)##, with ##N_+## elements of ##1## and ##N_-## elements of ##-1## such as ##N_+ + N_- = N## and ##N_+, N_- \geq 1##. This matrix is a non trivial parity matrix since it is not...
  15. S

    Spontaneous symmetry breaking in SHO

    Spontaneous symmetry breaking refers to the solution of a system loses some symmetry in its Lagrangian. Consider a Simple Harmonic Oscillator, its lagrangian is time translationally invariant but its solution is periodic in time, thus not time-translational invariant. Is this Spontaneous...
  16. E

    Crystal momentum in a lattice.

    Background information: The wave function for an electron in a crystal lattice is modeled by a Bloch wave. A Bloch wave is a function with the periodicity of the lattice multiplied times a complex exponential function. This exponential function has a wave vector k, called the crystal momentum...