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Free Industry Resources - Support PF!

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    Google ads have been very poor so I am trying new ideas. PF has a new affiliate program running that presents you with free magazine, guides and white papers! Many topics to choose from and they are all free! Each subscription nets PF $2-$5. If you are unable to be a gold member, this is a great way to get some free info and help PF :smile:

    Check it out here:
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    Neat idea. The background of that page looks a bit goofed -- is that on purpose?
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    Cool. I like this one:

    Edit -- oops!

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    looks like our hotlinking protection is messing it up, I'll fix it
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    That looks absolutely fantastic, Greg. It's the sort of resource that I've always dreamed of. Unfortunately, this caveat
    pretty much rules out my benefiting from it. :frown:
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    I won't tell anyone :wink:
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    That was fun!~
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    We've had a few people being denied magazines. Please report to me if this happens to you. thanks!
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