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Algebra Free paperback copy of Atiyah/MacDonald

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    UPDATE: the book has been claimed. Thanks for your interest!

    I have a paperback copy of Atiyah/MacDonald, Introduction to Commutative Algebra, which I no longer need as I recently obtained a hardcover edition. If you would like my paperback copy, I will ship it to you for free, assuming you intend to read it and not simply resell it for a profit :biggrin:

    It is a thin paperback, only 128 pages, not very sturdily made, but it is in very good condition and the printing is reasonably dark and clear. A new copy from Amazon costs an obscene $73.54: https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Commutative-Algebra-Addison-Wesley-Mathematics/dp/0201407515

    Send me a PM if interested.
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