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Linear Algebra A search for a classic, out of print Linear Algebra textbook

  1. Feb 19, 2016 #1
    I'm looking for an excellent introductory linear algebra textbook for my second year pure mathematics course. My lecturer highly recommended Introduction to Linear Algebra by Marcus and Minc. She said she has searched for it for many years without success, as it is out of print. I love classic textbooks with pleasingly alliterative author names; do any of you know of an ebook version of this one?

    I strongly dislike physical copies of textbooks, and instead have them all as annotatable ebooks on my surface pro. I have searched in vain for an ebook version of Marcus and Minc (paid or royalty-free), and could only find those ebook scam sites. Surely at some point a librarian has thought to have it scanned? And that said scanned copy will be hidden on some dusty server somewhere?

    Unfortunately I can't buy physical textbook copies on Amazon anyway, since there is no shipping to South Africa. If no Marcus and Minc ebook is to be found, any suggestions of similarly excellent beginner to intermediate level Linear algebra textbooks would be much appreciated.
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    Hi Duncan,

    I would recommend a book written by Professor Robert A. van de Geijn from the University of Texas: "Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers" (available as PDF file):
    There is also an online course (archived; still with all video lectures available) on edx.org, under the same name. It is free, and very informative.

    Good luck !
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