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Freidel, Krasnov and Livine hints of Sring Theory in LQG!

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    At VIII. Disscussion, p. 36:

    "Our main result is the formula (53) for the inner product in Hj1,...,jn in terms of a holomorphic integral over the space of “shapes” parametrized by the cross-ratio coordinates Zi. In the “tetrahedral” n = 4 case there is a single cross-ratio Z. Somewhat unexpectedly, we have found that the integration kernel ˆK (Zi, ¯ Zi) is given by the n-point function of the bulk/boundary dualities of string theory , and this fact allowed to give to ˆK (Zi, ¯ Zi) an interpretation that related them to the Kahler potential on the space of “shapes”."
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    Re: Freidel, Krasnov and Livine hints of String Theory in LQG!

    I hope there will be discussion on this paper.
    I need the help in trying to understand the math.

    I put it into my blog at “How do I visualize particles?
    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=513 [Broken]

    Wiki has some good visual explanations of 4-simplex and tetrahedron.
    A picture is worth a thousand word!
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