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Automotive Frequency of suspension system of vehicle

  1. Jun 2, 2010 #1
    What is the frequency Range with which the suspension systems and damper of 2
    wheelers, 4 wheelers and heavy vehicles, vibrate? I would like to have the values for each
    i.e. frequency of spring suspension and damper separately and also when used in combination.
    I have attached a excel sheet for the same.

    Vehicle Type Spring suspension (Hz) Damper (Hz) Combined (Hz)

    2 wheeler

    4 wheeler

    Heavy vehicle


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    Ranger Mike

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    not that simple...spring and shock are acted upon by the track (road surface) now you have numerous variables like pot holes, cracks, rumble strips, tar patches and the like. what is your goal asking this question?
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    Eliminating major variables like potholes...
    Considering normal road condition with usual disruptions and dents...I just want a rough and approximate values of each....more precisely i would like to know the frequency ranges...minimum to maximum....
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    Ranger Mike

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    i don't know about frequency ..i can measure the spring and give you wire diameter, height.most springs are rated in pound per inch compression..i have a spring rate tester..shocks must be measured on a shock dynometer..one thing about shocks..the rate will change as the shock heats up which is why chassis tuning in racing is so tuff.
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    Thanks Mike....but I need values...
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