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Homework Help: Friction at an angle verification

  1. Apr 30, 2008 #1
    Hey, i just want to make sure i'm doing this right:

    At the end of a factory production line, boxes start from rest and slide down a 30o ramp 5.4 m long. If the slide is to take no more than 3.3 s, what is the maximum coefficient of friction between the box and the slide?

    I first found out the acceleration:
    so i then did
    mgsinTHETA-umgcosTHETA=ma (mass cancels out)
    u=.46.....the coefficent of friction, it seems to work..

    however i still need help on my post "Tension and centripital force revisited"
    THANKS for alll ya'lls help
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    I didn't check the numbers, but your method seems correct.
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