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Friction-less / Friction contacts in Ansys

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    As far as I know both the friction or the frictionless contact types in Ansys doesn't prevent motion in the perpendicular direction. I have been following this tutorial https://goo.gl/w8sIlG (no need to open) but I have found something strange when I do the same but without changing the analysis settings and changing the time steps the 2 bodies interfere with each other -just I expected from frictionless contact type- but when I change the analysis settings time step they doesn't interfere https://goo.gl/0xSw4c (6 sec video) and they behave like what happens in real life. I don't understand why this happens?
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    Contact conditions are complicated, one thing to keep an eye on is the pinball region radius. If your sub-steps move a part farther than the size of the contact region's pinball radius, it will never detect contact and the parts will pass right through each other. Some ways to help with this are the "automatic bisection" and "predict for impact" options in a contact element's options.
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    Thanks , this was very helpful :D
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