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Fun Definition of Physics

  1. May 28, 2013 #1
    I'll go right to the point.
    I'm trying to get someone interested in physics (and relieve physics of adjectives like boring) . All I'm asking for is a clear, fun and kind of insightful way for looking at physics and how it relates to our daily lives and how it helps us understand our surroundings better.
    P.S:- I apologize about such a question but i need a way to explain physics that opens your eyes rather closes them during class.
    - Note: I am a high school student so please try keeping it simple.
    Any and all responses are appreciated.
    Thank you :)
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    This paperback book is very good for your level, IMO: "Thinking Physics"


    You should be able to look it over at your local bookstore. :smile:
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    Physics is what makes magic mundane, and reality - magical.
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    dang, thats the best quote I have seen in a long time

    you should have it as your signature :)

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