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Functional Programming Degree in North America?

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    Can you recommend me some low-cost universities in Canada(or US) that specialise in functional programming? I am looking for Bachelor Degrees. I have noticed that many interesting stuff, that I would call functional proramming, are in degrees such as eletrical engineering and computer science. A good example is MIT:

    http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Electrical-Engineering-and-Computer-Science/6-827Multithreaded-Parallelism--Languages-and-CompilersFall2002/Calendar/ [Broken]

    Such topics interest me. More Math is just a plus. Is there btw any low-cost universities that follow MIT's curriculum? A low-cost dedgree, that follows the best universities, in North America would be excellent. It should cover functional programming.
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    MIT isn't all functional programming, functional programming is simply one methodology, they just teach there first course with scheme.

    I don't think any school specialize in functional programming to be honest. Maybe at the graduate level you could do research in that area but it will be better for you to get a standard CS education. Most school have a class based on SICP but it just usually isn't the first CS course
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    Waterloo teaches functional first. What you are asking makes no sense.

    Tuition is around 5k a semester + books.
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