Fundamental engineering Exam for Electrical Engineers

  1. Hello;
    I'm a electrical engineering senior and was wondering if passing the F.E. exam would help in the job market. Since I know it is usually catered toward Mechanical engineering and is requirement for Civil engineers, I'm not sure if it would actually state anything for an emerging Electrical engineer.
    Any thoughts would be welcome.

    Thank You
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  3. It certainly couldn't hurt. Plus, if you ever decide to go on and get your PE its one less exam you have to take.

    I plan on taking my FE exam in the fall, however I'm a PhD student. I really wish I would have taken it shortly after getting my BS like most engineers do.
  4. I'm an electrical engineer with a PE license. If you’re considering it, I would definitely recommend taking the FE exam. Your professional engineering license will stay on your resume for your entire career.

    A professional engineering license is needed for some electrical controls engineering positions or if you plan on doing any engineering consulting work directly for the public.
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