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FunGamesPhotos and Relationships forums

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    The Fun, Games, Photos and Relationships forums have been removed and all threads merged into the main General Discussion forum. This was done to consolidate and increase ease of thread discovery.
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    Jonathan Scott

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    I found the Fun / Games / Photo areas a reassuringly safe refuge from anything too alarming or stressful, and it also made it easier to tell whether someone is joking or serious. Could we perhaps have category options for GD posts to serve a similar function?
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    Good decision!

    Back in the day, GD was the big, thriving 'social room' of PF, with people having all kinds of conversations all around you, playing games here, laughing there, or having heated discussions there. When everything got minutely categorized and shunted off to obscure back rooms, it had a chilling effect on the sense of community. All the sub-categories, and even GD proper, turned into ghost towns for several hours a day. Hopefully, things will now liven up again.
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