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Further noise reduction techniques ontop of Savitzky-Golay FIR filter

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    Hi PF Designers,

    Wasn't too sure if this would belong in the Electrical engineering forum but here goes.

    I'm designing a prototype for my thesis that will read in sensory data wirelessly to a matlab script. This sensory data is riddled with noise, however important data is contained in the High frequency components of the signal as well.

    Hence I was naturally going to use a Savitzky-Golay FIR filter in matlab. However I was wondering if I could perform further noise reduction techniques on top of this and still preserve the high frequency component that I saved.

    Thoughts, dilemmas, discussion, tid bits of help?
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    Do you have any theoretical model?

    If so there are many thechniques (e.g. kalman filter).

    If not, instead of using S-golay, you can try building a specific LP filter and play with the threshold frequency
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    If you know the form of your input data, then a Wiener filter will give you the theoretically optimum SNR at the output. For white Gaussian noise you can implement the optimal filter as a matched filter.
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