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News Future Shock - Decreased Grain Supply, Increased Cost

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    I heard recently that Wheat (grain) production decreased due to drought in Australia and other areas, e.g. midwest US. Several countries have curtailed or reduced export and in some cases are now importing. At the same time, the cost of production has increased, in part due to increased energy (e.g. oil and gas) costs. At the same time, farmers are now looking at biofuels.

    It bears watching to see what happens with the world's food supply.

    Here is some background and resources for those interested:

    http://cropwatch.unl.edu/archives/2006/crop22/wheat_marketing.htm [Broken]
    Sept 22, 2006 - Tips for forward marketing wheat for 2007, 2008

    http://wheatbook.unl.edu/ [Broken]






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    Worried about your next meal? Wheat was two bucks in '48, bottomed around a buck in the 50s, peaked at five or six in the 70s. So what? Thats 10 cents of wheat in a one pound loaf of bread --- bread was 15 cents a loaf in the 50s, and 2 bucks now. Don't confuse the manipulations of CBOT with production costs. Boycott Harvard.
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