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Gamma Ray Burst datasets that consist of distance modulus & redshift

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    Hi guys I am looking for a dataset to use in my thesis. I am working on UNION 2.1 sample of supernovea Ia data. That dataset consist of redshift and distance modulus with uncertainty (sigma) for 590 supernovea.
    Do you guys know where can i find similiar dataset for GRBs?
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    try google "gamma ray burst data"
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    I have tried it. Thank you for being rude. I am asking about a quite specific dataset but you do not seem to grasp that.
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    try this in your google search

    "supernovae gamma ray burst datasets Union 2 pdf" The pdf additive tends to pull up the professional papers more often.

    pulls up numerous articles including this one

    "Testing the consistency of Gamma Ray Burst data-set and Supernovae Union2"
    Constraining the Anisotropy of the Universe from Supernovae and Gamma-ray Bursts

    not sure if those will work for you, but different forms of search parameters with the pdf additive can often work wonders or mislead lol
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    Here is one that may [or may not] be useful - http://arxiv.org/abs/0808.2655. It is, however, less extensive than Union 2.1.
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    Forgot to add if you look at the various articles references you should be able to find more
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