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Homework Help: Gas Compression Temperature Change

  1. Feb 23, 2017 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    "One way to heat a gas is to compress it. A gas at 1.00 atm at 25.0°C is compressed to one tenth of its original volume, and it reaches 40.0 atm pressure. What is its new temperature?"
    So, I have:
    P1 = 1
    V1 = 1
    T1 = 25
    P2 = 40
    V2 = 0.1

    And I'm looking for T2
    The question was multiple choice: 1500K, 919 degrees C, 1500 degrees C, and 1192 degrees C.
    I'm getting 100 degrees C.

    2. Relevant equations
    I've been using the equation: P1V1 / T1 = P2V2 / T2

    This gives me
    T2 = T1(P2V2)/(P1V1)

    3. The attempt at a solution
    When I put in my numbers, it gives me:
    T2 = 25 (4/1)
    = 100 degrees C

    This isn't one of the options, but I can't see where I have gone wrong.

    If I convert everything to Kelvin, I get 1192K, which is still not quite right due to the units.

    Any and all help would be highly appreciated. Am I using the wrong equation, or have I simply missed something?
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    Hello. Welcome to PF!
    T is absolute temperature in this equation. So, T should be in K. Once you get your answer in K, you can convert to oC.
  4. Feb 23, 2017 #3
    What do you get if you convert your 1192K to Celsius?
  5. Feb 23, 2017 #4
    919... I feel ever so silly, thank you.
  6. Feb 23, 2017 #5
    Thank you for your help
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