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Gas Turbine & Psychrometric chart

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    Hi Everyone,
    So I seem to have many problems understanding the Psychrometric chart and its physical meaning. First of all, I would be so thankful if you could introduce me a source which can be useful to physically and fundamentally understand the dew point, effect of pressure, humidity... and better to say Psychrometric chart.

    Actually I was reading some articles about gas turbine, and I have started to think about the air input, its quality, and the risk of moisture and consequently corrosion. There should be a risk of water drops in compressor if the vapor in inlet air condenses... It is here where my problem with psychometry starts... so if the compressor increases the pressure of air, it means that the probability of condensation increases or decreases?

    I hope you can help me understand the fundamental of psychometry, I feel embarrassed not to understand it well :)
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    Modern engines can ingest huge amounts of rain without too many problems .


    The engine integrity tests carried out are very rigorous and include rain , hail , cowling ice , frozen chickens and deliberately broken fan blades .
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    Which site is that? There's no link apparent.
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    Regarding water vapour formation and condensation - anyone remember the cloud chamber experiments from school days ?
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    Thnaks everyone!
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