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Exergy analysis gas turbine cycle For EEs

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    hi friends,

    I am working EES software for thermodynamic lesson,I am analyzing second law efficiency(exergy efficiency) and exergy analysis for all components of gas turbine cycle.

    Now I have a problem,exergy efficiency of turbine decrease with increasing before temperature,why?

    As you know, with increasing before temperature of turbine, increase work of turbine, so increase exergy efficiency of turbine.am I correct saying?

    too, I have another problem,exergy efficiency of turbine decrease with increasing before temperature,why?

    with increasing before temperature of compressor , decrease work of compressor , so decrease exergy efficiency of compressor .

    have you articles that relate to obtain exergy of components gas turbine cycle?...I am searching but anything finding well, in fact I want to my code validate with articles.
    another Question...

    according to following article, exergy efficiency of Ideal air-standard simple cycle increase with increasing ambient temperature but For me(code that write) decrease.why?

    and Exergy destroyed of cycle decrease with increasing ambient temperature but for me increase.why?

    process of compressor and turbine consider constant entropy and Ideal air-standard simple cycle.

    I think everything I observe.


    in fact, I am programing in EEs, Now I have some problem,

    problem described in previous posts,

    gas turbine cycle is as follows:

    http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-12/86515550666943192076.jpg [Broken]

    and equations:

    http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-12/26181649452134491050.jpg [Broken]


    http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-12/69904976515215219246.jpg [Broken]

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    thanks for answer,

    I want to valid conclusions in bellow Paper but not valid, thanks for your guide , wrote Cod in software EEs also attached,Do you working with software EEs?

    attention to seventh page from paper , Four efficiency must be reduced but diagrams of out of EEs is not.





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