Gauss's Law, electric field of sphere

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    A nonconducting sphere of radius 10.00 cm carries a uniform volume charge density ρ = 410 nC/m3.

    (a) What is the total charge of the sphere?
    1.717 nC

    Find the electric field at the following radii.

    (b) r = 2.10 cm

    (c) r = 9.90 cm

    (d) r = 10.10 cm

    (e) r = 13.6 cm

    My attempt at the problem, after manipulating the equation EV=charge inside/[8.85x10^(-12)], was just to insert values into E=Qr/[(4*pi*R^3)*8.85x10^(-12)]; where Q is defined as the total charge, r the radius asked to calculate and R the initial radius.
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    Your attempt is correct.
  4. Thank you for responding.
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