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Gear mechanism and wheel arrangement for reduction of fuel consumption

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    Hi everyone,

    I hope I have posted in the right place.
    I'm a commerce student and have absolutely no idea about mechanical stuffs. My father has an idea in mind which he would love to implement. He too is a commerce student. Hence, I need some help from you'll to see if this is really practical.

    The concept:
    Every vehicle runs on two equal sized wheels and has two parts with allocation of style. the allocation is explained in the pictures. In this idea the front wheel is supposed to smaller than the wheel behind. If the weight falls on the front wheel, is there a possibility for the vehicle to consume less fuel? As, it reduces the state of being idle and eases the pressure.

    I'll attach some pictures so you can get an idea and i'll elaborate more. Can you please throw some light on this.

    Looking forward for reply.


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    No energy is saved by your proposal.

    The front wheels are typically smaller because they actually have to support less weight, not for aesthetic reasons.

    Have a play with some Lego / Meccano cars to try and convince yourself.
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