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Homework Help: General Application of Boyle's Law

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    I am Year 10 student and would like to get help on the question below based on Boyle's Law.

    A piston with a block of mass 120 grams placed on it traps 200cm³ of air in a container. When the block is removed, the volume becomes 250cm³. Find the mass of the piston.

    In the question above i only know that you have to use the formula P1V1=P2V2, but i don't know how to apply it. Please can anyone help?
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    The formula means that if you have a quantity of gas with pressure P1 and volume V1, and you compress it, or let it expand, and afterwards the pressure and volume are P2 and V2, then
    P1V1 = P2V2

    you know the volume before and after removing the block. What can you say about the pressure, and how is this related to the mass of the block and the piston.
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