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General Case of Relative Velocities

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    I was looking relative velocities and I saw General case in Relativity part.That part means every direction isnt it.
    and in there B is the observer or A is the observer
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    With respect to the general case of velocity addition in the wiki, there appears to be a (typo) in the formula.

    I see two vectors (velocity A and velocity B) side by side in the denominator of the fraction. Most likely this is a dot product but there is no dot between them.

    Yes? No?
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    ##\vec{v}_{BA}## is the velocity of B in the rest frame of A, which needs to be calculated; ##\vec{v}_A## and ##\vec{v}_B## are the velocities of A and B in some other frame, which are presumed to be known at the start of the calculation.

    Yes, there should be a dot between them.
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