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Homework Help: General Question About Spring/Mass System

  1. Oct 10, 2011 #1
    In a spring/mass system problem, if you are given your values in units of feet and pounds, are you supposed to convert them to units of newtons and meters??
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    If you are using formulae which have been designed for the mks system, then yes, you must use mks units.
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    In my case, I'm not really sure what I should use. For my problem, when I use the kx=mg equation and solve for my mass, I end up getting an answer in units of slugs.


    Looking at the above link, it tells me that a slug is a unit of mass, so I'll have to try to go with it....
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    Haha! I've never heard of slugs before! And I'm in the US. Is that sad? When will we stop being so stubborn and just use metric units? And rename football to handball?

    As for your problem, it really depends on what your teacher wants. Though I'm guessing that's kilograms and not slugs.
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