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Geometric Constructible Numbers

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    Geometric Constructible Numbers....

    Hi, everyone.
    I have a question about geometric constructible numbers.
    I know that "if 'a' is constructible then [Q(a):Q]=2^n."
    But I heard that its inverse is not true.
    I want some counter examples about the inverse statement.
    (I have checked by googling 'i' is a constructible number.)

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    Re: Geometric Constructible Numbers....

    You mean you want a number that is algebraic of order a power of 2 and is NOT a constructible number? Hmm, now thats' a good question! I will need to think about that- for a few decades.
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    Re: Geometric Constructible Numbers....

    Yes, I mean that.
    So, there was no clear answer about that?
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