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Homework Help: Geometry question form ax^2+bx+c

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    • Member warned about not using the homework template
    I was tutoring a student and I came across the following question. I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but it seems like there are too many variables for an answer to be determined. The attached picture contains all of the question details.

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    The correct answer is C by the way
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    Staff: Mentor

    Let w = width of the upper right rectangle, and
    let h = height of the lower left rectangle.

    Then the areas of the four rectangles, going clockwise from the upper left are a2, aw, ah, and 144.

    What must the areas of the upper right and lower left rectangles add up to?
    What's an expression that gives the perimeter?

    I get C as the answer as well.
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    how do i determine the individual values of w and h?
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    Staff: Mentor

    You don't have to. You have w + h = 25. Now write an expression for the perimeter.
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    oh thanks! I got it :) I was missing the obvious >.<
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