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Schools Getting college credit for online learning?

Anyone have any experience in converting online physics learning into college credit? I know of a few accredited universities that will grant undergraduate degrees based on credit by examination and online learning (i.e. Charter Oak, Thomas Edison State College, and Excelsior), but I'm interested in knowing about anyone that has actually done this.

It seems to me that there is enough material online to create an undergraduate physics curriculum, it's just a matter of putting the pieces together. One particular missing piece is the learning -> credit issue.


Ask me in about two weeks. I just turned in a request to my advisor to take an online calc-based physics class from CCC Online through Pikes Peak Community College (http://www.ccconline.org/courses/programs/Science/ [Broken] -- PHYS211-212). My university doesn't offer any physics courses, which is why I'm trying to get approval to take the course. If approved, its a guaranteed transfer. I'll find out in approximately 10 days.

On another note, if you click on the PHYS211 course, you get the following message in the course description: This course is one of the Statewide Guaranteed Transfer courses. GT-SC1.

Hope this is something you were looking for. If so, I'll keep you updated on whether or not my school will allow / accept the credits for transfer.
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