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Giant Flood Caused By YD 12,900 Event?

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    The Younger Dryas ‘‘black mats’’ and the Rancholabrean termination in North America report Black Mat (2008) states:

    I wasn't aware of this before. The main 'black mat' appears to be associated with a sudden increase in the water table, as opposed to continental burning. Is it possible that an extraterrestrial event was also responsible for continental flooding, or is it simply due to a dramatic drop in temperature?
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    Black mats are more common than YD only, it's mostly remains of algaea, wich could suggest still pools drying out. Pool forming is not a feature of floods washing the algaea away, but more something of increased (seasonal?) precipitation.

    Furthermore the 10,900 BP dating of many black mats is still before the isotopical and layer counted start of the Younger Dryas. See earlier posts at the beginning of this thread.
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    I was beginning to think that it was a rubbish idea. Nevermind.
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