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Gift idea for chemistry teacher?

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    I used to take private tutions in chemistry from a researcher in inorganic reaction mechanism (55 years old). What do you think will be a suitable inexpensive parting gift to give to him? Last year I gave him Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Warthous's Organic Chemistry. Thanks for your help.

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    Volunteer @ his research lab and show interest in his research? lol
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    Not a bad option really, but I'll be going away to IIT Kharagpur for my graduation (he stays in Kolkata).
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    Periodic socks


    Caffeine Tie
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    A free copy of grand theft auto 4 including an xbox 360 home entertainment system.
    An appointment with Jiffy Lube (the auto company).
    A polka-dot bow tie.
    A sticker of spongebob squarepants.
    An appointment with Jiffy Lube (the auto company).
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    Okay, how about some serious suggestions now?
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    You can't go wrong with a gift certificate, although it's a little impersonal. How about dinner for 2 at his favourite restaurant, or movie passes, or a round of golf? Just because chemistry is the guy's vocation doesn't mean that he has no life.
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    That's right ; give him something that's chemistry related e.g. something from the Discovery website and also something that's pertains to his personal hobbies e.g. a golf club .
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    I'm thinking I'll give him classical CDs. He loves Mozart, but not Beethoven. What would you suggest? I was thinking Chopin.
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    Gifting music is a little dicey unless you know for sure its something someone hasn't had time to get for themselves. A gift card to a music store or video store might be better if music or entertainment is the intent.

    If they like to cook, applied chemistry in the kitchen, perhaps a collection of exotic sea salts? It's surprising the range of tastes available in the NaCl in the black and grays and pink salts. It might peak the experimental side of culinary application - that is unless they are a fast food person - then back to plan A.
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