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Glass, melting points, and Xmas gift idea

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    I recently bought my gf a ring and would like to put it in a glass bottle and allow it to hang by a fish line with it corked on top.

    I haven't found any wine bottles that allow the ring to just go in naturally, I have been having to heat all of them.

    I was wondering if I were to stick something thicker n the bottle after it is heated if the glass would mold around that shape? Would it be easy to get out?

    Also, I am thinking of just getting a glass cutter, are they hard/efficient to use?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    I'm also thinking of letting her do the heating in order to get it out, if anybody knows a fun, or interesting way to heat it, let me know!
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    You're going to give your girlfriend a ring in a bottle - and a blowtorch, and tell her to go nuts??
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