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GM food: Safety tests on new products up for debate

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    The point that was made on the news yesterday (also somewhat mentioned in the article): this is claimed to be the first long term test of that food on animals. The main point of dispute (going far beyond this particular study) is the claim that standard studies are of too short duration to permit the detection of tumor development and other long-term effects.
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    I don't think anybody is disputing the duration of the study, but the methodology has certainly been criticised.

    From http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19654825

    And this seems a rather strange way to do science, unless you are trying to suppress criticism of your work:
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    Sorry that I wasn't clear. The people who did this study criticize the companies and others who did earlier studies, because those were said to have endied before tumors could develop. The writer of the above article didn't quite catch that point.
    Thanks, that one is more to the point. :smile:
    I don't know what way by whom you refer to, but the criticism that I bring up here concerns the "usual 90-day trials conducted by industry". Neither of the two articles challenges the allegations that the usual trials are too short to be able to reliably detect the development of tumors.
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    I'm less worried about the safety of GM foods and more worried about the IP issues it raises. Imagine if 99% of most crops are controlled by IP and a handful of companies completely own the distribution, production, and price of our most vital crops for sustenance.
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