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GM Korea Company (Korean: 한국지엠주식회사) is the South Korean subsidiary of multinational corporation General Motors. GMK is also the third largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea. GM Korea's roots go back to the former Daewoo Motors vehicle brand which was split from its parent company, Daewoo Group, in 2002. It has three manufacturing facilities in South Korea. In addition, GM Korea provides region and brand-specific vehicle assembly kits for assembly by GM affiliates in the United States, Brazil, China, Colombia, Uzbekistan and Mexico, and formerly in Australia and India after GM's February 2020 announcement to withdraw from all right-hand-drive markets worldwide.
In 2008, GM Korea built more than 1.9 million vehicles, including CKD products. It currently produces vehicles and kits for Chevrolet and Buick that are offered in more than 150 markets on continents that don't have right-hand-drive markets. It produced vehicles and kits for Holden in Australia until the brand's demise in 2020. GM Korea also has design, engineering, research & development facilities that are involved in development for various GM products, above all small-size cars.

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  1. Vilius

    GM counter and alpha particles

    Hi, I am an undergraduate electronics engineer building a GM counter for my final assessment. I read a lot of theory about GM counters as well as the nuclear physics theories in general, but there is one thing I can not find an answer to. Why do none of the GM counters detect alpha particles? I...
  2. J

    I GM tube and dual probe scintillator

    Recently I measured a range of sources with two detectors comparing their efficiency. One of the sources used (C-14) was a pure beta emitter and it made me wonder. If a radioactive source decays by beta then gamma, will one decay register as two counts as two radioactive particles are produced...
  3. eigenmax

    Is this a good GM tube voltage regulator and rectifier?

    https://www.circuit-diagram.org/editor/ Hi, I was wondering if this is a good voltage rectifier and regulator for a GM tube power supply? The AC supply is approximately 500V, and the strange component at the bottom is a voltage regulator tube. Seems to work OK but I don't have any test equipment...
  4. J

    Electrical Fixing a 1965 GM Car Radio AM | Troubleshooting Tips

    The radio would work sometimes if it didn't pushing on the tuning buttons hard or hitting the dash underneath would make it work if it didn't work, this has been that way for 30 years, now it does not come on at all. I always thought it must be broken connection some where. I had applied voltage...
  5. W

    Extracting information from a Bode Plot (PM, GM, etc...)

    Hi all, 1. Homework Statement http://imgur.com/kqZK1Vv This is the loop gain (A.F.) of unity feedback system. I need to extract DC Gain Bandwidth GBW (is GBW Gain Bandwith ?) f unity (I suppose this is unity frequency) Phase Margin Gain Margin What is the optimal PM and f2/GBW for time and...
  6. E

    Solve AM GM HM Inequality for a+b+c=0

    Homework Statement If a+b+c=0 then ( (b-c)/a + (c-a)/b + (a-b)/c )( a/(b-c) + b/(c-a) + c/(a-b) ) is equal to: Ans: 9 Homework Equations AM>=GM>=HM Equality holds when all numbers are equal. The Attempt at a Solution I tried using AM>=GM. ( (b-c)/a + (c-a)/b + (a-b)/c + a/(b-c) + b/(c-a) +...
  7. N

    Cross Plane 180 headers for GM LS V8

    I was looking into what cylinders need pairing to make a set 0f 180 headers for an LS V8 engine. When looking the pairings shown below. LS firing order 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 Passenger (L) side = 1 3 5 7. Driver side (R) 2 4 6 8 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 L-R-L-R-R-L-R-L for a 4-1 header I get. 1-7-6-4...
  8. B

    MHB Maximum volume using AM GM inequality

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused with this question. An airline demands that all carry-on bags must have length + width + height at most 90cm. What is the maximum volume of a carry-on bag? How do you know this is the maximum? [Note: You can assume that the airline technically mean "all carry...
  9. D

    MHB Prove AM-GM Inequality: What Values to Use?

    Could someone please help me with this question: What values are we meant to use to prove this inequality? many thanks
  10. T

    Comparing Average Translational Kinetic Energy and Internal Energy of GD and GM

    Homework Statement Two closed containers A and B contain equal number of moles of ideal gases GD (diatomic)and GM (Monoatomic) ,respectively. Q .1 a) If the temperature of gases are same,which of them has more average translational kinetic energy ? b) Which of them has more...
  11. harrylin

    GM food: Safety tests on new products up for debate

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/19/monsanto-genetically-modified-corn-study_n_1897361.html The point that was made on the news yesterday (also somewhat mentioned in the article): this is claimed to be the first long term test of that food on animals. The main point of dispute (going far...
  12. L

    Can GM gamma meter be sensitive for neutron radiation?

    Hi, I'm a new member in the forum. I own two similar GM military grade meters with calibration certificates, calibrated for gamma-rays metering and each one has two tubes filled with helium, argon (or neon), halogen (or quenching) gases. When I am exposed to some radiation source, my GM meter...
  13. H

    Automotive GM Volt / Vauxhall Ampera and series hyrbrid cars

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Volt In this series hybrid, engine and generator charge the battery and battery powers the motor, and can be made with components already available. The Ampera is claimed to do 175mpg (vs 40mpg on my current car). So I wonder why there aren't more cars...
  14. N

    Trouble working out the GM product of Earth: u = GM.

    Homework Statement Don't laugh! I am scratching my head. Somewhere I am doing something very stupid, but I just don't know where. My problem is that my result of G*M of Earth is different than the accepted result of G*M. Accepted value of G*M: μ = 398600 km^3 s^-2 Homework...
  15. Evo

    The Myth of GM Seed Causing Farmer Suicides

    Or are people overreacting without understanding the science? http://news.yahoo.com/aussie-police-shut-greenpeace-hq-seize-evidence-081852648.html
  16. D

    GM Launches Hybrid Chevrolet Volt

    Any buyers? http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/dec/19/general-motors-hybrid-chevrolet-volt?CMP=twt_fd
  17. T

    Proving AM GM Inequality & Solving for Integers | Homework Help

    Homework Statement Prove a)5 < 51/2 + 51/3 + 51/4 b) n > n1/2 + n1/3 + n1/4 for all ints n>8 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i tried the AM GM inequality and found 51/2 + 51/3 + 51/4 > 3(513/36) what further can i do? can anyone please help me out??
  18. A

    Modified genes from crops in a GM crop trial have transferred

    Something I recently discovered So in some cases it appears that crosspollination between roundup ready gmo crops and some types of weeds has been happening. So other than sending out hordes of illegal immigrants with hoes to dug them all out, what possible solutions are there for this problem?
  19. M

    Gravitational Model: L. Riofrio's tc^3 Relation

    In this http://www-conf.slac.stanford.edu/einstein/Talks/aspauthor2004_3.pdf" L. Riofrio introduces a GM = tc^3 relation. where does this come from. Please help I know that GM=rv^2 for orbits. This is simple enough, but She also introduces a r=ct term and v=c I'd like to know whee this comes...
  20. K

    Ionization chamber and GM tube

    Homework Statement What are the difference between ionization chamber and GM tube in structure which make them have different functions? The Attempt at a Solution Higher voltage is applied to GM tube so that electron avalanche can occur. Then I wonder that if higher voltage is...
  21. I

    GM tube question to obtain number of disintegrations per second

    Homework Statement A point source of alpha particles, a tiny mass of the nuclide Am (atomic number 95, mass number 241) is mounted 7cm in front of a GM tube whose mica window has a receiving area of 3cm2. The counter linked to the GM tube records 54000 counts per minute. Calculate a. the...
  22. W

    Understanding Gravity's Impact on Light: Beginner's Question on GM

    I have just started a book on GM. As motivation for the idea that gravity must affect the energy of light the following example is given. A body of rest mass,M, falls in a gravitation field and bounces off of the ground after it has achieved velocity,v. At impact, it transforms completely...
  23. H

    Determining stability of min phase system using GM and PM

    Alright, there's something I don't understand. The book says that the gain margin and phase margin must be non-negative for a minimum phase system to be stable. But the definition of a minimum phase system is one without right half plane poles or zeroes. Doesn't that inherently make it stable...
  24. L

    How does a dose rate meter determine dose with only a GM tool?

    I'm talking about one of these: http://www.eldan.biz/emall/shops/1903/45983-tb-Automess-dose%20rate%20meters.jpg The use a Geiger-Muller gas chamber which can only detect when A UNIT of gamma or beta radiation (or alpha if you have a really tiny window) goes through, but it says nothing...
  25. edward

    NY Times Slide Show of Reader's GM Cars

    The good the bad and the ugly. http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2009/06/01/automobiles/01GM_USER_SLIDESHOW_index.html
  26. Ivan Seeking

    GM and Segway plan electric two-wheeler

    http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/media/ALeqM5iDkrR9K_sSP-BxgI_CEdpYtl4VIA http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gN4pf_E8M_gBzWETe8o8rmbLDdbQ Visionaries, or cockeyed optimists?
  27. B

    Can GM OnStar really shut down vehicles during police chases?

    Within the last six months, I heard about two local police chases, with one being right down the road from my residence just last night. I see reports that GM OnStar will permit the police to shut down vehicles with the installed system at will. Anyone know of the validity of this report...
  28. A

    GM Crops vs Organic Farming: Output Per Acre Comparison

    How do GM crops (both current and potential in the near future) compare with organic in terms of output per acre? How does it compete with such methods as Fukuoka Natural Farming, and other forms of permaculture?
  29. G

    GM gives voice once again to its American workers with the .

    GM gives voice once again to its American workers with the ... GM Employee Discount , yeah the workers in that commercial sure seemed to be excited about it , I wonder how many actual GM employees are celebrating. All of this comes after thousands of GM jobs were moved from the US for the sake...
  30. S

    News Should the government bail out GM?

    There is no wonder GM is going under since it hasn't been selling fuel efficient vehicles in America. Now they are going under because people aren't buying as many big trucks and SUVs. GM sells fuel efficient vehicles in other countries that they don't sell here, and why? Why should they...
  31. 4

    What do you guys think GM should do to regain its market position?

    General Motors nowaday is losing market share, mainly to Toyota. What do you guys think GM should do to regain its market position?
  32. L

    How temperature affects GM tube performance?

    Anyone familiar with GM tube, please share some experience on the effect of temperature to GM tube performance, how does it influence? I found our GM tube tally has increase a little as the temperature increased rapidly from 4 degree to 55 degree, I wonder is it a casualness or a indication of...
  33. Ivan Seeking

    News Is GM Making a Big Move Towards Going Green?

  34. D

    GM - M mass of earth , G gravitational constant

    im trying to find the maximum distance of a spacecraft from the earth, whre GM is used ( M is the mass of the Earth and G is the gravitational constant) ... i was just wondering if there is a general formual for this?
  35. M

    Comparing Reverberation Chamber Standards: SAE J1113/27, GM 9120P, etc.

    Hi, does anyone know anything about reverberation chambers? specifically does anyone know about the industry standards, a camparason between SAE J1113/27 GM 9120P GM 3100GS GM 9114P or any other standards which allow for a 2 -> 3Ghz operation would be helpful, thanks
  36. K

    What is the value of Mu needed for orbit calculations in the Earth-moon system?

    Hi again, I was able to solve the previous problems I had, with some study over the net and some books. Now I have a different problem: I have a routine that uses Mu (GM) for calculations; for the planets, Mu = GaussK * GaussK * ( 1 + mass ), where GaussK is the Gaussian constant...
  37. K

    (1 - 2 GM/ r c^2) ^ 1/2 and Big Bang

    In general relativity the equation t1 = t2 ( 1 - 2 GM/ r c ^ 2) ^1/2 is often mentioned. If the mass, M, is equal to the mass of the universe - 10 ^ 52 kg - then r cannot be less than 10 ^ 24 metres without invoking the idea that a time can be imaginary. But could an equally valid...