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Going into Medical Imaging (EE vs. BME)

  1. Mar 3, 2013 #1
    So I'm an EE undergrad student and the design of medical imaging devices is one area I'm interested in. I often hear that's more appropriate for a BME major. However, designing medial imaging devices undoubtedly involves a lot of knowledge in electronics design, signal processing, electromagnetism and other EE principles. At my school, BME majors only take two EE classes...circuit analysis and signals. Neither of those classes emphasize design so to me, it looks like EE majors get a lot more prepared for medical imaging than BME majors. At least at my school's undergraduate level anyway.

    Am I wrong in assuming that the best way to get into medical imaging design is by getting an undergrad degree in EE and a graduate degree in BME?
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    It sounds to me like your reasoning is based on the content of the courses rather than the title of the degree. To my knowledge medical imaging engineering is not the type of field that is extremely specific to either particular branch (EE or BME), so you'll likely be qualified for entry-level jobs in the field going either route. What will make you more competative is the content of the work you've done (projects, competative engineering teams, research, etc.).
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