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Good books on the group theory of quantum mechanics

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    I'm looking for good books on the group theory of quantum mechanics. I have a BS in Physics, MS in Electrical Engineering and decades of work experience in building lasers, and R&D in laser systems, optics & infrared sensing systems.

    My main goal is to study & understand quantum electrodynamics.

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    I like S. Sternberg's "Group Theory and Physics". In contrast to the authors of most other books on group theory as applied to physics, he isn't a physicist but a mathematician. This has the effect that the presentation of the methods is much more modern and up to date than what can be found in other books. For example, it is the only book where I found a comprehensible explanation of the uses of Young diagrams in physics.
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    A good treatment of the Galilei group in quantum theory can be found in Ballentine, Quantum Mechanics and Weinberg, Lectures on Quantum Mechanis. For the relativistic case I recommend Weinberg, The quantum theory of fields.

    A more introductory book, not restricted to quantum theory but more general about (Poincare) symmetry in physics is Relativity, Groups, Particles.
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    Thanks folks, I'll look into these suggestions.

    PS: I have Weinberg, The quantum theory of fields Volume 1. I've read the first 80 pages three times- and then I'm lost.
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