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Good glue/adhesive to bond a 30 micrometer kapton foil

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    Hi PF members,
    Is there any good glue/adhesive to bond a 30 micrometer kapton foil to copper metal...
    The bonding should be strong enough to withstand liquid helium temperature (my working condition is 4.2 K to room temperature)...I can cure only at room temperature.
    anyone have some experience with
    3M scotch-weld epoxy adhesive 2216 B/A please share your experience..
    thanks you for your reply.
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    Re: adhesive+bonding

    I don't quite understand what you are trying to do; are you simply trying to glue kapton tape to copper? No other requirements?
    Just about any glue will work reasonably well down to 4.2K; the main reason why people use "special" glues when working at low temperatures is either because they are worried about out-gasing (since low-temperatures experiments are often done in vacuum) or because they need good thermal conductivity, but the latter is rarely a problem if the temperature is as high as 4.2K.

    I personally tend to use something called Eccobond which is a two-component epoxy and has reasonably good thermal conductivity.
    And of course I also use Stycast (just like everyone else), but that is a bit messier to use.
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    Re: adhesive+bonding

    I will explain my situation clearly (i want to make a window for my cryostat!)...Think i have a hollow copper rod (2 cm X 2 cm) and length say 30 cm. Now on the surface of the hollow rod i have two holes diametre of 1 cm. X-ray can pass through one hole and come out from the other hole. I want to glue/bond/cover the two holes using kapton foil (30 micrometer thick). Along the path of X-ray i keep my sample, which will be at liquid helium temperature. Outside the rod there will be high vacuum and inside constantly liquid helium will be flowing just to cool the sample..
    So bonding must be good at 4.2 K also withstand high vacuum..(i don't care about thermal or electrical conduction properties or doesn't matter about chemical resistance properties)..
    PS: I can only cure at room temperature..and i can only glue from outside surface of the rod.
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    Re: adhesive+bonding

    Another question (this is not so important but i like to know..)...in the glue manual it's mentioned that i should apply force (~2 psi=2 pound/inch^2) to bond, and wait for 5 days....but my surface area is ~2 cm X 2 cm....so 155 grams weight should be enough..i am correct..?
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    Re: adhesive+bonding

    2 cm x 2 cm = 4 cm^2 = 0.62 sq inches
    0.62 x 2 = 1.24 pounds = 0.562 kg.
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    Re: adhesive+bonding

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