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Good Math/Physics book for someone preparing for College

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    Dear Physics Forums,

    I am Rico Sauve and I want to be a Biology Major when I attend eithier Rutgers Univeristy or Rider University. My problem is I just recently discovered to do all those cool apllication with science you need to be good at math and physics! I am currently in my senior year and I am taking Physics and Calculus. My math expeirence has been Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 and a half year course in Triognometry.

    I got a C for the first marking period because I just had dificulty understanding limits and our teacher made us learn how to do derivatives the hard way first or proving them? (As I now understand it anywho). I am actually pretty confident in calc now however I fear my trig and algebra 2 skills are not up to pace.

    I am doing miserably in Physics and it just discouraging. I want to take self responsibilty and self teach myself Physics so I just dont end up saying I had a bad teacher. I really love science as I watch Science channel frequently!

    What are some good textbooks that gives explanation line by line or at least with some lenth and loads of pratice problems! I just hate the ones I currently have and I feel like it would help alot. I want physical books please! Thanks for reading!

    Rico Sauve
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    Six Ideas that Shaped Physics by Thomas A. Moore is a pretty good intro physics text. It's split up into various books that are pretty distinct, so if you don't want to learn thermodynamics or relativity, you just don't have to buy those books. It's one of the simplest calculus-based physics books.
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