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  1. Hello.
    Im looking for a good scrap or junk yard that has good supplies for low prices, mainly electronics, science, aviation, military. Just a place that sells decent quality stuff that can be used for science related stuff. Like old radars, satellite dishes, monitors, medical electronics, computers, sensors, etc. Also location doesn't matter.
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    Depends on where you live. If you're in the Los Angeles area I can offer some great places to find exactly what you're asking for.
  4. well I am going to LA later this month. So that works perfectly. Can you give me a list please.
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    Salvage and Surplus companies near universities and research centers often have the remnants of experiments and mock-ups. Consider the locations of UCLA, USC, Cal Tech, and JPL, just to name a few. Aerospace companies often clear out their entire laboratories by selling to these companies. Here are 69 chances, including contact information, just in case you want to check on what they have before you go.,+CA&q=Surplus+&+Salvage+Merchandise

    Here’s a second list of 5 places found by narrowing the search to include the terms “electronics and optics”. My all-time favorite, Apex Electronics, is the first one!
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    Where are you located physically? Here in Silicon Valley we have a number of good places to shop for used/surplus electronics and other stuff...

    Halted Electronics --

    Weird Stuff Electronics --

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