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Are there any quality online programs for astrophysics?

  1. Dec 17, 2013 #1
    Good morning,

    I have been researching into a possible astronomy or astrophysics educational plan but my research is not looking too promising. I am enlisted the in the military currently so due to the premise of moving anywhere in the world at any time plus deployments online courses are truly the best options for me. In my research though I understandably found that if I were to find a degree path that I would like the only online options were not of very good quality.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of a college that offers a high quality program that at least provides up to a bachelors in physics with a minor in astronomy. If all worked out timing wise I could find a graduate school near my location down the road to continue my education.

    For those that may be curious about my current background if it may help in any way, I got my associates of applied sciences in automotive technology when I was 18 and am now in the military as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (Bomb Squad). My current job requires at least a base understanding of mathematics, physics of explosives, electronics, engineering.
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    Open University (UK-based) seems to be the go-to option for distance-learning in the English-speaking world. I don't know about their quality or recognition of their physics program outside of the UK though.
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    It's not a course of study, just a single class, but you might want to try Caltech/Coursera's Galaxies and Cosmology. For serious material and the chance to learn something, these classes are just as good as being at Caltech. For credit, not so much. Yet.

    You could check into whether saylor.org has anything interesting for you too.
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    I checked them out and seems fairly legitimate sadly though I would be using my GI Bill so the school would likely have to be based in the United States. Thank you for the information though.

    I have found an distance learning masters program from the University of North Dakota. I provided a link below to see if anyone may be able to discern it's quality or if anyone has heard much about the program and can provide any feedback it would be appreciated.

    http://www.space.edu/Academic Programs/DistanceMasters.aspx
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