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Good textbooks on modern cosmology ?

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    Is there a modern cosmology textbook as good or better than Scott Dodelson's?
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    Comparisons are inherently subjective, but John Peacock's 'Cosmological Physics' is as good as any textbook I've found. A far less known (and much smaller) textbook, Eric Linder's 'First Principles of Cosmology' is also very good.
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    George Jones

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    I am curious about Weinberg's http://www.oup.com/us/catalog/general/subject/Physics/Astronomy/?view=usa&sf=toc&ci=9780198526827" [Broken], which will soon be out.
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    I hope Weinberg does better job than Mukhanov explaining modern cosmology to beginners or middle level.
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    Are there any textbooks that derive the metric for spaces of constant curvature from scratch? The FRW metric comes from this. But I've not seen any books that actually derive these metrics of constant curvature. Thanks.
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    The FRW metric is derived in:

    "General Relativity: an introduction for physicists" by M. Hobson et al.
    "Introducing Einstein's relativity" by Ray D'Inverno
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    George Jones

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    I suspect that Weinberg's cosmology book will be somewhat like his field theory books. For beginners, I like Ryden's book; whenever I look at it, my enthusiasm increases. At the middle level, maybe Coles and Lucchin, but, even though I have it, I haven't really looked at it.

    I'm slowly building a cosmology library. Right now I have

    Coles and Lucchin

    as well as too many GR books to list. I intend to get Weinberg soon.
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