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Scott Dodelson Modern Cosmology 4.2

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    Hi guys, I recently started reading/working through Scott Dodelson's Modern Cosmology in preparation for a Masters course I'm taking next year and one of the exercises has stumped me and (arghhh!) its not one of the solved ones in the back!
    It is in Chapter 4 (The Boltzmann equations) and is exercise 2. The exercise concerns the Boltzmann equation in the synchronous gauge. Does anyone know where I can get a solution from just so I can see how it's done!

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    We can't provide solutions to specific problems. The best we can do is to help you try to work through a solution yourself if you post an attempt at one.

    [Edited to remove request to post in the homework forums; this forum is OK for graduate-level problems, but we still do need an attempt at a solution.]
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