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Good webhosting company suggestions ?

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    I'm looking for a not-to-expensive webhosting company for relatively small sites. I'm currently with Lycos, but they are extremely lousy and expensive for the bad service you get. I heard 1on1 isn't too bad, but what are the experiences and are there other suggestions ?

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    I used awardspace.com in the past. Cheap prices and a lot of features, space, and bandwidth. Great for a hobbyist.
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    Doesn't Lycos still offer free accounts?
    If you are in North America, you could try Brinkster. They have free accounts with no ads, and no hassles. Three (free) packages to choose from, personal to developer. The last one has access to ASP.NET and MS Access. Limited daily traffic.
    If you want, paids packages start at 4$ a month, with a choice of Linux or Windows technologies. I have a paid account with them for the past four years. Excellent e-mail, chat and phone support, but rarely needed. Excellent up-time.
    Hope I don't get deleted by the moderators, but you asked for the info!
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