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Google offering free wireless broadband

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    Is it just me or is google reallllly starting to grow. I mean lately, skype, google talk, video, youtube, now broadband? They are turning into a walmart. I must say though, all of their ideas are very well thought out and I like all their tools.Thanks for the link, I will read about it. :-)

    edit: ROFL this post is golden now that I have read it. :rofl:

    I had my hopes up that it would be a skype pc-to-telephone type deal where they snag you with free stuff but then start charging later. :frown:
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    :rofl: very nice. I have to admit, I didn't really get it to start with, but as soon as I opened the "how TiSP works" page it's pretty clear it's a joke!
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    april fools day, duhhh I shoulda known. lol
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    Oh, and did you hear about Mozilla suing MS for the use of tabs?

    You see a couple of news items like this on /. and you know what's it all about even before reading the article.
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    At long last, sanitary online access. Bravo!
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    Hahaha, Google always seems to do good april fool's jokes. I think last year's was about a Google Energy drink.
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    Even better, now there's Gmail paper!! :rofl:

    "post consumer organic soybean sputum" - there's gold for you! :biggrin:
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    It took me 30 minutes to get it :frown:
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    on the FAQ page


    there's a link in the "Does my water company support TiSP?" paragraph to "A full list of companies" that explains the "physics"
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