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Google Science Fair, guidance please

  1. Feb 6, 2013 #1
    So i came to know about this GOOGLE SCIENCE FAIR couple of weeks ago and I am thinking about participating in it . I want to do a project related to physics . But i have no idea what they expect me to make . I am sure with my level of physics knowledge there is very less possibility that i will come up with something new .

    So in these Science Fairs what do they expect us to do . Any guidance suggestions.
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    Please specify your age group in which you are planing to participate.

    For Sample Projects go to YouTube and search Google Science Fair. or the official Google Science Fair Web. and watch the Finalist's Project.
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    Do some research into past science fairs:


    see what areas are presented and what ones aren't and go from there.

    Also if you're good with java and programming then you might check out the Open Source Physics website (www.compadre.org/osp) where you can get some libraries to do physics simulations.

    From there you'd need to find something to simulate.

    Science fairs are looking for original research so you must look for something few people have investigated and see if you can come up with something new. I know that may be hard at first but check around and see what you can find.

    Another area is in robotics. Doing something novel and unique with drones would be a cool project. Maybe a drone programming language or drone library coupled with OSP.

    Then there's LEGO mind storms, Arduino and Raspberry PI that could be used to come with cheap lab equipment for physics.

    Look at some novel inventions for third world countries. The gravity light was something that caught my eye.

    Sometimes its good to have a compelling backstory with your project. As an example, there was an American Invetor show where a fireman came out dressed in full gear. He presented a sad story about a Xmas tre catching fire and a family losing everything. This got him thinking of how to avoid the tragedy and he came up with the Xmas Angel, an ornament for the top of the tree connected to a pressurized water tank. At the first sign of fire, the heat would be detected and the water released to drench the tree.

    With that in mind, how about technology to protect a classroom from intruders, automatically close the door when gunshots are heard... or technology for the teacher to protect the class other which is safe enough for grade school kids...

    You may have other areas in your life where physics could be applied to solve some pressing problem. You just have to look around...
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