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  1. E

    A Methods for finding properties of quantum dots?

    What are some good methods to determine properties such as light quality/intensity, pH, and water solubility of quantum dots? Other properties are welcome, as well. I do not have a college lab available, so some equipment may not be possible to get. This is for my science fair project next year...
  2. D

    Need help in deciding what to research for physics project

    Hello enlighted people of this forum. I'm an undergraduate from a university in Colombia, my subject of study is software engineering but I have a class which is named "Physics 2", this class introduces the subjects of simple harmonic motion(pendulum, sound waves, etc), electric fields, Gauss's...
  3. N

    Please Please Someone help ! Is this science fair project for real ?

    So I have this guy whom I asked help from for my science fair Project , he showed me something like this he had one meter like thing which he called micrometer(Sorry if I am acting dumb ). And there were two wires coming out of it one of which was attached to a Copper plate and other to...
  4. B

    Science Fair Project Help

    My son is wanting to build a gravity fed water fountain that shoots 20 feet up in the air for his science fair project only problem is neither one of us knows where to start or what to use to build this. Was hoping someone would help...
  5. O

    Science Fair Project - HELP!

    First off, I didnt know where to put this so I just stuck in where I though it seemed to go best (i didnt really want to put it in the homework section). Here's my problem: My teacher is making us (my 8th grade class) do individual science fair projects and compete them at the regional...
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    Need Help Conceiving Science Fair Engineering Project. Can an Ion Thruster be Built?

    Hello Physics Forums, I am a tenth grade student looking into a possible engineering/science project. I wanted to know if an ion thruster could be built, how hard would it be if at all possible. I could work with the university of Arizona and they might lend me a lab and equipment. (such as...
  7. M

    Wind Turbine Science Fair Project - Generator Coil Problem

    Homework Statement My son and I have built a wind turbine following the plans on: Build your own Wind Turbine Designed by Dave Mussell" [Broken]. These plans were inspired by the Picoturbine: link to manufacturer and link to PDF. We used...
  8. K

    Science fair project help

    Can anyone give suggest me a science project which is award winning,easy & cheap.
  9. F

    Need HELP! with science fair project

    Need HELP! with science fair project!!!! My science fair project is about converting algae into an alternative fuel source. What I am wondering is if you were a judge, what information would you be curious about knowing?
  10. V

    Science fair project help please

    science fair project help please!!! i'm doing a science fair project on magnets and metals and why they attract. i've already tried googling for a good description of why magnets and metals attract, but none of the answers that popped up were good enough. they do not explain very well the...
  11. M

    Science Fair Project.

    Two containers are connected, divided by a selectively permeable membrane. The continer on the left contains pure water. The container on the right contains water and a negatively charged solute. The container on the right is angeled vertically so that when the water diffuses across the membrane...
  12. T

    Medical Science Fair Project Idea

    So I have been straining my mind for a science fair idea since august and have just now came up with a good idea. I was planning on studying the effects of addiction in mice. My idea is to get 9 mice and place them into 3 different cages and assign them each different numbers, A1 B1 C1, ect. I...
  13. T

    Velocity of air thru a tube - 4th grade science fair project

    Hi.....can anyone help out explain the relationship of diameter to velocity of air flow thru a tube for the following science experiment. A photo is attached. The question they are trying to answer thru the attached experiment is: Does the diameter of the tube affect how high a ping pong...
  14. Math Jeans

    Science fair project

    Hello. My sister is going to participating in the science fair, and apparently my mom would like me to get a great concept for her to use (she wants to go to an elite university and she needs this on the resume). It is only for 9th graders, so I figure that PF can think of better ideas than...
  15. S

    Bullet science fair project?

    anyone have any ideas how I could design a science fair project around bullet physics? I was leaning toward muzzle velocity and bullet speed. also the power the different calibre's of bullets have on impact but I am not sure how to design the experiment or measure results any help would be...
  16. Q

    Ideas for science fair project

    I was wondering if anyone new of anyway to test relativity in an easy experiment, or an easy experiement forthe photoelectric effect.
  17. M

    Can You Take 5 minutes to Help me With my Science Fair Project?

    Could you please go to" [Broken]and participate in an experiment for my science fair project? Once at the website, you will click on a link to watch a 2-1/2 minute video. Then your browser will redirect you to a page with some questions for you to answer. After you...
  18. P

    Science Fair Project, please help!

    My science fair project is basically making a game. In this game you pick up diamonds, and the objective is to pick all 10 of them up in the least amount of time. My theory is that teens will have lesser time than adults, but i dont know how to put this in a 'physics/science' way. I also...
  19. C

    LaTex for my science fair project

    I really want to use LaTex for my science fair project. I went to the LaTex website and went to instructions in getting LaTex. I know I need to get something called MikTex. Can someone please explain to me how to get LaTex, and use it to write papers? I saw all the other posts, but they never...
  20. G

    What are some things worth looking at in Biology for a science fair project?

    I’m starting to think about what I want to do for the regional science fair and this year I might do something pertaining to biology, so ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Garret
  21. D

    Need ideas for Science Fair project related to math

    Hi everyone: I 'd like to enter the New-York Intel ISEF fair with a project related to phyical science or math. I'm open to any ideas, but keep in mind -The project must be original research on a specific topic. :smile: It needs to be something thats new and follows the scientific method...
  22. Greg Bernhardt

    Science fair project ideas

    This seems to be a fairly common question. Lets make a list of possible topics and projects someone could do for these competitions.
  23. R

    Physics project help -- magnetism

    Is it possible to make a magnet that slides down a pole with no friction? The magnet would be a cylinder, the exterior would be N and the interior S. It would slide down the S end of a magnetized pole. That way the the pole would push equally on the sides of the interior of the cylinder. This is...
  24. N

    Sonoluminescence set up help

    I am working on a high school science fair project and I wanted to study sonoluminescence. I am having trouble with the setup and I am not sure what kind of stuff I need. I've been referring to websites and papers such as:
  25. Physicist50

    Plasma Microwave Experiment

    Hi everyone, I am about to enter a local Science Fair and my project revolves around creating plasma in a microwave. This is a great experiment, all you do is stick a lighted match in a cork, (or something to hold the match in place) put it in the microwave with a glass beaker over the match...
  26. S

    I desperatley need help for science fair

    Over the summer, to go into Chem I Honors, students at my school have to complete a science fair project. I had decided to do something with bridge structure, and nobody- not my adviser or my teacher- told me what a terrible idea i had. I originally had planned to make mini models with actual...
  27. N

    My project at ISEF

    Hey PF, I want to precipitate ISEF (The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) this year, there's an idea that came up in my mind during studying MagLev trains in physics, since high speeds are achieved in MagLev trains due to the elimination of friction, what if air pressure was...
  28. N

    My planned project for ISEF

    Hey PF, I want to precipitate ISEF (The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) this year, there's an idea that came up in my mind during studying MagLev trains in physics, since high speeds are achieved in MagLev trains due to the elimination of friction, what if air pressure was...
  29. The Eraser

    Schools International Olympiad = Top University ?

    After this summer I'm starting my 11th grade. I would like to study physics at a top university (UK or US). But at the moment, I don't have any physics or mathematics olympiad prize. Do I need an International Olympiad to go to a top university? I'm confident my baccalaureate grade...
  30. G

    Stargazing Worlds biggest telescope

    sir i am taking part in the google science fair with my own design of worlds biggest telescope. my design is given below:- we will have a geo stationary satellite, which will revolute around the earth and we will have a big mirror on the earth with focus on the satellite when rays will come...